The Pirate Movement on Facebook and Twitter – March 2013

The Pirate Movement on Facebook and Twitter – March 2013

During the month of March the Pirate movement grew by 5,746 followers on Facebook and 4,242 followers on twitter. This brings the total amount of people following a Pirate Party on Facebook or Twitter to 700,744 people. 


Sweden saw a loss in followers, most likely due to the recent move of The Pirate Bay (TPB) servers which some supporters saw as “not standing up for their values” even though the decision ultimately was taken by TPB themselves. The decline for the German Pirate Party continues from the internal struggles currently present inside the party, the have been decreasing every month from September last year. The Romanian ACTA group keeps losing relevance and thereby followers as well.

On the positive side we have Tunisia increasing due to local activity and the World Social Forum (WSF) that took place there. Brazil have gotten active with their organization and are starting to disseminate and increase awareness in their country. Croatia and Iceland have clearly grabbed some attention for their upcoming elections and both increase with almost 1000 followers. The two new parties of Poland and Norway also see a continued interest and a high proportional growth. If someone has more info about the growth in Colombia and Morocco or something else to add please do so in the comments!

pirate party social media followers


Here we see a decrease in followers for Germany’s twitter account for the first month. Despite heavy losses month-to-month on Facebook they have kept growing on twitter until now. France continues to treat their twitter account good and keeps their previous good growth. Sweden, surprisingly seeing their decline on Facebook, shows a strong growth on twitter. Croatia shows a high proportional growth from their campaigning whilst Iceland’s growth here is more moderate.

facebook and twitter of the pirate parties party


*Why only Facebook and Twitter? Why not Google+, or others? – Mostly because it’s hard to know what other social networks to include. Only doing Facebook and Twitter takes a lot of time, even though there are scripts to update followers. The same reasoning goes for federated services such as as well since it’s hard to gather useful statistics for them.

*Can I have access to the .csv file you used for these stats? – Right now only if you have a very good reason and a specific purpose for them. I am working on updating contact information for different Pirate Parties. The plan is to make everything accessible in a good format with continuous updates. Giving out the information freely at this stage would only result in several versions of the document being in circulation where some are badly updated and faulty.

*Why is country X not included? – Probably because I didn’t know about it or considered their activity as dead. Send me a message or comment on this post and it will be included for next month.

*Why is there “Countryname 1” and “Countryname 2” for some countries? – Because of internal struggles in that country with two pirate parties both claiming to be the official one. I would rather not waste my time on determining which is legitimate and which not and therefore I add both statistics until it is cleared up.

*Isn’t the follower/population very biased? – As all statistics numbers are biased in some way. Just measuring number of followers are biased to bigger countries. The follower/population obviously gives the initial country (Sweden) a bonus as well as countries sharing the same language. This is still an important alternative measurement since it shows relative impact of the social media account.

*Why did you not include local party X who is bigger than some countries here? – This is supposed to measure international impact. The reason Catalonia and Galicia are measured separately is that they are quasi-autonomous regions, independent from Spain.