The Pirate Movement on Facebook and Twitter – September 2012

The Pirate Movement on Facebook and Twitter – September 2012

The pirate movement has grown with 7 138 followers on Facebook and 5 315 followers on Twitter. The aggregated amount of new followers is 12 453 during the last month. To see the statistics from last month you can look here, these figures are from September 18th (1 month and 3 days after the last report). Last month there was an error in the calculation of Facebook fans for Latvia (3587) the correct amount should be 450 fans. This is why you can see a significant drop for Latvia in this months’ statistics and the number calculations are a bit odd.

This report about Facebook and Twitter followers is a recurring statistical analysis which will become more interesting once I have more history to compare with. This month I added the population of countries and the followers per inhabitant written in scientific notation (e.g. 5.15E-03 = 0.00515 followers / inhabitant in the country). For now you will have to do with the following screenshots of the data. But in the future I aim to make the raw data available to whoever would like to dig deeper into it.

The most significant change can be seen in the 1 425 new followers that Netherlands managed to gather. This coincided with their election and campaigning. As we wrote earlier they did not get a seat but the future is looking bright. The top countries seem to be steadily adding followers, apart from Sweden who might have spammed away some of their  followers by sending out up to six updates in a single day (mostly three to four updates per day), another reason for the drop might have been the controversial blog post that Rick Falkvinge had on his blog.

The Czech Republic have regional elections coming up for October 12-13 and we will hopefully see a significant jump in their followers in the next month. Considering their per capita followers they seem to be doing very good. In Israel a new pirate party started and seems to be gaining a good amount of new followers as well. Looking at followers per capita we see that Sweden is still first by far despite being one of few countries losing followers this month. They are followed by the Czech Republic and Luxembourg. The significant drop of followers by Latvia, as mentioned above, is not a real drop but a correction according the completely wrong amount of followers reported for last month. The other significant loss is by Poland who seems to have got their fan page deleted.

pirate parties on facebook september 2012 statistics

Germany keeps amassing followers and is far ahead of any other country. They also have a second place as counted per capita. The leader, when counted per capita followers, is Luxembourg who has a small population of 511 800 citizens according to Wikipedia. In third place we see Catalunya. The only major difference from last month is the Netherlands who gained 1 186 new followers because of their national election.

pirate parties on twitter september 2012 statistics

*Why only Facebook and Twitter and not Google+, or others? – Mostly because it’s hard to know what other social networks to include. Only doing Facebook and Twitter takes a lot of time as well, even though there are scripts to update followers. The same reasoning goes for federated services such as as well since it’s hard to gather useful statistics for them. And on top of that Google announces that they will end this service in November 2013.

*Can I have access to the .csv file you used for these stats? – Right now only if you have a very good reason and a set purpose with them. I am working on updating contact information for different pirate parties. The plan is to make everything accessible in a good format with continuous updates. Giving out the information freely at this stage would only cause several versions of the document being around where some were badly updated.

Featured image is CC BY Anton Nordenfur.