Pirate Party Bavaria Will Contest Local Elections on Sunday

Pirate Party Bavaria Will Contest Local Elections on Sunday

This Sunday 16 March 2014 the Pirates of Bavaria are fielding dozens of candidates in many cities, towns and communities around Bavaria. In 38 electoral districts electors will have the opportunity to vote Pirate.

In a trend that is becoming increasingly common in European Pirate Parties, they are allying themselves with other parties across the political spectrum. From the right wing, business friendly FDP (Free Democratic Party) to Die Linke (former communists and far left). Again showing that Pirates are neither on the left or the right but forging a new political landscape.

Two mayoral candidates are asking the people of Bavaria for their votes.

Tina Lorenz campaign poster

Tina Lorenz is campaigning for the mayoralty of Regensburg under the motto “A <3 for Regensburg”. She runs along side experienced councilor Ewa Tuora-Schwierskott.

Tobias Mc Fadden

Tobias Mc Fadden will be running for mayor in the community of  Gauting.

In Munich alone, 31 Pirates are on the candidate list. We will bring you news of how they fare as soon as we can.


Featured images:  CC BY-SA PPDE