The Pirate Times is now Accepting Bitcoin Donations

The Pirate Times is now Accepting Bitcoin Donations

Up until now the only way you have been able to contribute monetarily to the work of the Pirate Times is to use Flattr. We are thankful to those who have helped us to defray our basic running costs from our Flattr income.

This year we have set goals that are ambitious and we want to be in the position to help pay for research costs as well as travel and accommodation for conferences and events. In the past, to report on events at a set geographical location, we have relied on our team members paying their own way or asking team members who are participating in an official capacity to make a report. The latter situation is the least preferable as it is very hard for someone deeply involved in an event or conference to deliver an objective view of the proceedings.

Thus we are aiming to give you even more articles and content with your help. If you have a few satoshi going spare you can send them to this address:


18kLN2bgaJFro6A13hwdyueMCpmbMUMWnrQR code for the Pirate Times bitcoin address

We will put all bitcoins received to good use and be transparent about what happens with our funds. We will also explore other means of fund raising in the near future.

Featured image: CC BY-SA composite from original by Antana