The Pirate Times Pirate Party Policy Comparison Table

The Pirate Times Pirate Party Policy Comparison Table

The Pirate Times brings you a new feature to help understand how the Movement is developing on a global scale. It is a table of policies and which national Pirate Parties take a stand on them.

This table is very much a work in progress and its use is limited in its initial phase. At best it shows a general trend of how the parties are developing and what interests them and their potential voters. It is prone to contain errors and should not be used to define the position of any individual parties.
Please note that an ‘X’ in a policy column indicates that the Party concerned has taken a stand but it does not indicate which position has been taken – for or against.

Over fourty Parties are listed with a varying number of policy topics addressed. Neither is exhaustive. Most of the policy documents used where machine translated into English and German to determine if the contents fit.

There is vast room for improvement and it would be great if you could do one, or all of the following in the comments section below or by email (see icon below):

  • If your party is listed check the policy columns are accurate. If there are corrections to be made please add a link to the relevant document.
  • If your Party is not listed and it does have policies send a URL of an online policy statement and if possible a list of positions taken.
  • If your party has a position that is not listed and you would like to see it compared with the others then send it in with a link to the relevant policy statement and if other Pirate Parties mention it it will be included.

If you belong to a regional Pirate Party that takes stands that may be independent of its national body then it will be included in later versions. For example a State of the USA might have a  position that PPUS does not have. Let us know.

Also the policy categories are somewhat nebulous. If you have a suggestion for improvement, it would be most welcome.

The next version will, hopefully, be more accurate and have a few parties and policies more. Long term future development goals include putting the data in a database and using the jQuery Data Tables plug-in for browser display. This would make inputting new data and comparing the parties much easier than at the moment.

Due to conflicts with the JavaScript used to create a table to display the data on an interim basis, the table will be hosted on Andrew’s site which can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

The Pirate Times Pirate Party Policy Comparison Table