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TPP Almost Ready but Stalled in Hawaii, Leaks Tell us More

The White House expected a finalization of the trade negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) during the meeting in Hawaii (ending 31 July 2015). However there were disagreements over “automobiles, dairy, and biologic drug patent provisions” that stalled the talks. The informal talks and deals will continue but it seems the next official meeting will take place first in November.

Knowledge Ecology International made a press release with the latest known version of the “Intellectual Property [Rights] Chapter from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations”. This is the version dated 11 May 2015 which might have changed slightly already:

Cover Page (Page 1) (PDF)
Section A: General Provisions (Pages 2 to 8) (PDF)
Section B: Cooperation (Pages 8 to 10) (PDF)
Section C: Trademarks (Pages 11 to 15) (PDF)
Section D: Geographical Indications (Pages 16 to 28) (PDF)
Section E: Patents / Undisclosed Test or Other Data / Traditional Knowledge (Pages 29 to 53) (PDF)
Section F: Industrial Designs (Page 54) (PDF)
Section G: Copyright and Related Rights / Right of Reproduction (Pages 55 to 66) (PDF)
Section H, Article 1 to 11: Enforcement (Pages 67 to 89). (PDF)
Addendum XV, Internet Service Providers (Pages 89 to 95) (PDF)

What seems to be one of the larger disagreements is about allowing basic protection for victims of copyright trolls (Section H). Here the US seems to be happy with their current protection but actively prevents the rest of TPP negotiators from the same. Most likely for being able to actively pursue their own IP rights abroad.

“we see that a few countries are moving towards negotiating ‘carve-outs’ that would exempt them from changing their existing national laws, but would then leave the rest of the TPP countries facing the full implementation of these harmful provisions.  What we really need is these provisions removed completely from the TPP, not special deals that exempt only specific countries from these rules.” – Judit Rius Sanjuan (legal policy advisor for Doctors Without Border’s Access Campaign)


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