TTIP International Day of Action

TTIP International Day of Action

On 11 October 2014 a large number of organisations will be cooperating with European Pirates in actions across many countries. They will be opposing the negotiation and introduction of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the Canada–European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) (which has already been negotiated) and the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA). These “free trade agreements” are being backed by corporate lobbyists and are a direct threat to national sovereignty, civil society and internet freedom.

Although the negotiations are held in secret, leaks have provided enough information to know that there are three provisions that are of concern:

  1.  The Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) is a right for major corporations to sue states for lost profits or expected lost profits due to social legislation.
  2. The Regulatory Cooperation Council is a group of industry lobbyist who will be allowed to check on draft law to ensure it meets industry requirements, even before the parliament sees it.
  3. The Standstill Clause means the improvement of social standards is precluded; social standards can only remain the same or be eroded.

The time before these measures are signed into law is short – perhaps only months away and the chance to repeat the victories over ACTA and SOPA might slip away from our grasp.

You can find out more of what is being planned at the Stop TTIP CETA TISA website and you can look at this map to find the protest closest to you.


Featured image: CC BY-SA Mehr Demokratie