TTIP Talk-Debate by Confederación Pirata and ATTAC

TTIP Talk-Debate by Confederación Pirata and ATTAC

On 1 September 2014, the Confederación Pirata will launch the first talk-debate
about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The talk
will feature David Hervás, member of ATTAC Castelló. David is an expert on
TTIP and 

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The event will take place on Piratas de Catalunya’s mumble and be held in Spanish.
Pirates are sending invitations to participate through social networks like Facebook
and Twitter. The hashtag used will be #DebatePirataTTIP

The debate on mumble will cover a wide array of questions:

Is the TTIP a threat for Europe and its citizens? Will we lose labor
rights? What will happen to the unions? Does TTIP mean more and a worse
privatization of public services? Will this be the end to national states?

Will the intellectual property law become even more damaging to the
authors /creators and citizens? What will happen to internet freedom?
Will the internet surveillance be imposed on us, as in USA? What will
happen with our personal data? Will those who share culture, archives,
internet information be considered as terrorists? Will patent laws be
imposed that are even more beneficial for corporations?

The idea of this talk-debate is to learn and discover the secrets of TTIP.
To know what affects us (States and citizens), to see if the processes
surrounding the treaty are transparent and find out who is involved in the
negotiation. The talk-debate will also discuss similarities to CETA (regulating
aspects of the economy), and most importantly if we are in time to stop TTIP.

Do not miss it!

Guest author : Lorena Müller-Nischt

Lorena Müller-Nischt

Lorena Müller-Nischt







I’m an Italian-Argentine citizen living in Spain since 2002. I’m
photographer, social media consultant and IT coordinator. I’m also
Democracia Real Ya! and 15M (Indignados) activist.
I joined the Pirate movement at the end of 2013 as an active member of
Piratas de Madrid and Confederación Pirata, working on amendments for the
last European elections’ Common European Pirate Program and managing our
social networks.
Currently I’m also the Spanish delegate in European Pirates. I believe in
liquid democracy, active participation in public life and left wing

Twitter @lmn_ar

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