US Pirates are Running for Political Office

US Pirates are Running for Political Office

Although the barriers, put up by the ruling elite, make running in national elections next to  impossible for Pirates in the US, the situation in some states is different. Pirates in Massachusetts and Wisconsin are putting up candidates in Tuesday’s elections for the respective state governments.

In Wisconsin Joseph T Klein is the Pirate candidate for the state party.  His platform includes;

  • Peace – through agitation against the deployment of Wisconsin National Guard troops in overseas conflicts without a full congressional debate and declaration of war.

  • Human Rights – through the proposed enactment of equal rights for all Wisconsin citizens, for pay, housing, and marriage.

  • Internet Freedom – through changes in Wisconsin telecommunications laws to allow municipal Internet cooperatives.

From the  Massachusetts Pirate Party two candidates have put their names forward so the people of the state can vote Pirate. Noelani Kamelamela and Joseph Guertin have had very good publicity including a rather biased article in the world renown Boston Globe and a sensational review in The Open Standard. Issues include:

  • Cheaper high-speed municipal internet
  • Open Government
  • A Fair Economy
  • Elimination of  government surveillance
  • Restoration of the Bill of Rights
  • Responsible Education Funding
  • Rethinking the Drug War
  • Bringing a livable wage to Massachusetts
  • No special treatment for corporations
  • A competent, transparent government accountable to the people

Although they do not expect to win, they are taking the opportunity to get the Pirate name and message out to the American people. However, we have had surprise wins in Pirate politics before.


Featured image: CC BY-SA 3.0 Massachusetts Pirate Party


This article updated with a link to the Open Standard