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Using Video in the Pirate Cause

It is becoming increasingly clear that one of the most effective ways to get the Pirate message across is by video. Z  was the most watched video of any in the recent elections in Catalonia. This was produced by talented Pirates for a very little outlay. Another notable example of Pirate produced video is the docu-series “#exile6e” which is available on the Piratpartiet (Swedish Pirate Party) channel under a CC BY license.

Pirate Times writer Anton Nordenfur  reported  on the series in October 2012 when it was basically starting out. It is made by MEP Amelia Andersdottir’s team and is about how they work for information policy and other Pirate principles in Brussels on a day by day basis. It is well done, entertaining and well worth following. Additionally it did not cost a fortune to make.

The point is that you do not need a lot of money or experience to produce videos that can be effective means to inform people of the Pirate program in your region or to win new members. Mobile phone and video cameras that can take HD quality video can be bought cheaply. A list of open-source and freeware video editing software can be found on wikipedia. The only other thing you need is time, enthusiasm and knowledge. Use your search engine of choice to find other guides in English or your own language.

You can use social media like youtube, google+, facebook and twitter, etc, as well as your own web sites and blogs to get your work out to the public. Be sure to publish with a creative commons license so that others can spread your work and the message it contains.

Featured image: CC BY by Tess Lindholm


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I joined the Pirate Party of Lower Saxony in Germany in April 2012, once I found out that non citizens were welcome to join and become active members of the Party. I joined the Pirate Times soon after it was started as a proof reader and am now an editor and author. Since then I have returned to my native New Zealand and joined the Pirate Party of New Zealand. Politically I come from the libertarian left and have, up to now, not regarded any political party as having a solution for the democratic deficit that envelops the world. With the advent of the Pirate Party, which truly embraces grass roots democracy, I have found a political home. The Pirate Times is a way I can contribute to furthering the Pirate Movement around the world. Skype: frithogar