Want Some International Pirates at Your Next Event?

Want Some International Pirates at Your Next Event?

Pirate Parties are constantly organising different events – general assemblies, camps, conferences, campaigns and sometimes even parties. Having plenty of social interaction is essential to a fully functional political party, and something which gives events an extra-special touch is the presence of Pirates from other countries.

On the bottom right-hand side of our website, you can see any upcoming events in the Pirate world over the next few weeks. For example, at the time of writing this article you can see a summer party to be held by the Luxembourg Pirates on August 23rd. They want and expect Pirates from all over Europe to join them in an enjoyable late summer social event:

After a year’s hard work in 2 electoral campaigns we want to say thanks to our members, friends and sympathizers who supported us. Therefore we have the pleasure to invite you to our summer party. On this occasion we are also doing the official opening of our party headquarter.
The celebration takes place the 23rd August 14:00 at the #PPLU HQ – more information

Getting your event featured on the PPI calendar, as well as the Pirate Times site, is quite easy. Go to the Pirate Parties International’s calendar login, register and you can start adding your events with text and a link to the event’s website.

Next time you create an event (be it international, national or local) why not create an English description and invite some international pirates to give it some extra flair.

Featured image: CC-BY-SA Daniel Gruber Piratenpartei Mittelfranken