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Watch LIVE: Glenn Greenwald, Carl Bernstein, Peter Sunde, and More!

Currently, a conference called the Media Days (Mediedagarna) in Gothenburg is happening here in Sweden. The conference attracts a large section of the media industry in Sweden. One of the main themes at the conference this year is ‘Freedom of Speech’, which is a major reason why the Pirate Party of Sweden (PPSE) is attending. In upcoming articles, Pirate Times will report more about the speakers invited by PPSE.

Some of the speeches at the conference are available through livestreams, and you can follow the tweets from the conference by using the hashtag #meg15. The following is a selection of talks taking place on Friday (March 6th) which you can watch live from home (times are written in GMT/UTC+1). Unfortunately some of the talks are held in Swedish, but they will be summarized in later articles here at Pirate Times.

Friday, Live Streams

11.00-11.20 ‘Yttrandefrihet i Dagens Sverige’ (in Swedish) – “Free Speech in Sweden today”

Speech in Swedish. Peter Sunde gives his view on an open internet and free speech today, and in the future. Up until November 2014, he served a prison sentence for aiding and abetting to copyright infringement as the spokesperson for the Pirate Bay, which was involved in the most high-profile copyright case in the history of Sweden. Moderator: Joakim Jardenberg, award-winning Chief of Internet in Helsingborg, Sweden.

12.50-13.00 ‘Från Watergate till Snowden’ (in Swedish) – “From Watergate to Snowden”

A short interview in Swedish with Fredrik Laurin, Director of investigative journalism at the Swedish Radio.

14.00-14.45 Glenn Greenwald – Absolute Control vs the Free Press

The impact of the Snowden affair. Glenn Greenwald talks about his work on the Snowden leaks and their consequences for investigative journalism. Can we rely on the big media houses to reveal events within politics and society today? What new insights has the launch of internet platform The Intercept brought?  Introduced by Jan Helin, publisher at Aftonbladet.

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15.00-16.00 Glenn Greenwald meets Carl Bernstein

From Watergate to Snowden. What power does the free press have? Greenwald and Bernstein in discussion with Fredrik Laurin, Director of investigative journalism at the Swedish Radio. Carl Bernstein, along with Bob Woordward, is known as a journalist whose reporting on the Watergate scandal forced President Nixon to resign.


Internet Freedom Weekend (Saturday)

On Saturday PPSE has chosen to arrange its own event which it calls Internet Freedom Weekend, as Pirate Times previously reported. PPSE invited three keynote speakers: Member of the European Parliament, Julia Reda; former spokesperson of the Pirate Bay, Peter Sunde; and the artist, philosopher and internet activist, Alexander Bard. All keynote speakers will be sharing their views and reasons as to how and why the internet should be free for everyone.

The rest of the day will be split into two separate tracks.

Making & Sharing
With accelerating technological advancements, it is possible to share both information and culture faster and easier than ever. With 3D-printers, even more opportunities become available. During this discussion, we are going to take a closer look at the maker culture. But first, we will start with a history lesson in public libraries and mass education. Then we will take a look at the circulation economy and how tool libraries have affected their local surroundings.

Internet Activism
We now have seen it many times. How can the Internet and social media be used to overthrow corrupted leaders and spread democracy through the world? How do different organizations use internet activism, and how important is this tool for them to use in order to reach out to the public?

09.45-10.00 Inauguration – Björn Flintberg

10.00-10.30 How and Why the Internet Should Be Free – Julia Reda

11.00-12.00 Making and Sharing – Magnus Torstensson and Agnes Leijon (Room 1)

11.00-12.00 Internet Activism – Karsten Deppert and Camilla Morin (Room 2)

13.30-14.00 How and Why the Internet Should Be Free – Alexander Bard (Room 1)

14.00-15.00 Making and Sharing – Jasmine Idun Lyman (Room 1)

14.00-15.00 Internet Activism – Carl Heath and James Losey (Room 2)

15.30-16.30 Making and Sharing – Jonas Söderholm and Kristoffer Karlsson (Room 1)

15.30-16.30 Internet Activism – Annika Suikki (Room 2)

16.30-17.00 How and Why the Internet Should Be Free – Peter Sunde (Room 1)

All events will be streamed live on (in Swedish apart from the Julia Reda speech at 10.00 and James Losey who talks 14.00-15.00)

Updated 6/3: Links have been corrected

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