What Pirates are Saying about the EU Election Results

What Pirates are Saying about the EU Election Results

 It is nearly two weeks since the elections in Europe saw a surge of voting for the far right and our own representation reduced from two to one. Some notable Pirates gave their reactions to the European Election 2014 results.

Christian Engstrom

With 2.2% of the votes, we lost both our seats in the European Parliament. It’s a huge disappointment, of course. Both I and Amelia were ready to continue fighting for freedom and openness as MEP’s for another five years, but that did not happen. Voters wanted otherwise. We will not give up. Whoever fights can lose, but those who do not fight have already lost. Even before the European elections, we knew we would have a lot to do after the election, however it went. That still applies. Piratpartiet is basically an activist movement. We will continue to fight for Europe to choose the right path into the information age. In the election campaign, we talked a lot about the EU Parliament which will take several important steps related to the internet’s future in the next legislature. That still applies. We still need to influence these decisions so that they go in the right direction.

Julia Reda

Thank you to all Pirates who have participated in this European election campaign and congratulations to all the Pirate Parties who have achieved amazing results (e.g. 4.8 percent in Czech Republic, 4.2 percent in Luxembourg), who have only failed to gain a seat because they come from small countries. We Pirates have campaigned together on a common election programme and although I’ve only been on the ballot in Germany, I consider myself a representative of all international Pirates and all our voters. Our job as Pirates is to transcend national borders and strengthen human rights and free culture in a global, connected society. Special thanks to Christian Engström and above all to Amelia Andersdotter who have involved so many Pirates in European politics. You have strengthened our international movement and shown by example that individual parliamentarians can have a huge impact on the future of our digitized society. Amelia has put a lot of time and effort into mentoring me for the work that lies ahead and I will do everything in my power to fill their great footsteps. You will be able to follow up on my work at http://senficon.eu/ (in German for now, English version will be available ASAP). I have tons of ideas for getting you in touch with the European Parliament. Stay tuned!

Rick Falkvinge

In this election, 2014, we went from two seats in the European Parliament (from Sweden) to one (from Germany). Of course it is not good. But it is from a party with measurable results, we were SEVEN (parties) in this election. Although it did not return dividends,  it is great progress. Pirate parties from Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria had results that are good enough to stand on their own, 1% or more, or enough to be a mandate. There are SEVEN parties.

Maša Čorak and Koen De Voegt

PPI co-chairpersons

On behalf of PPI we would like to congratulate and thank all Pirates in Europe who have contributed to the election campaign. Results might have not been as successful as we hoped but there is no need for disappointment. Losing both of our MEP’s from Sweden and only gaining one seat from Germany was below the expectations for many. The huge past election successes in Sweden and later Germany came at a time when traditional media hyped them. Although these early victories have done wonders to create more visibility of the movement, these are not things that can last. We should however not forget that we participated in 15 EU member states. In the vast majority of those nations there is a slow but steady growth. And it might feel slow for us from the internet generation, but compared to the rise of other political movements in history the Pirate movement is still growing at an incredible speed. We are the only ones that can truly claim that we worked together as one party on a still too divided continent. We are the only ones that have had a shared program for the European elections, ever.

We give special thanks to Pirates of the first watch, Christian Engström and Amelia Andersdotter, for their great work on the copyright consultation, fighting against ACTA,  and many other important stuff.  We hope their experience will not go to waste but that, like all of us Pirates, they will stand behind our new MEP Julia Reda. Now the only thing left to do is send our sincerest congratulations to Julia Reda, that she may steer us on the right course.
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