Why Julia Reda Supported Juncker for EU Commission President

Why Julia Reda Supported Juncker for EU Commission President

In her latest blog post, Pirate MEP Julia Reda declared that she voted for the conservative Jean-Claude Juncker in the recent election held on 15 July 2014. Her reasons were partly tactical and partly political.


The European Parliament had fought hard for the right to have input into the nomination process and voting for Juncker was a way to cement that right especially in the face of new anti-EU right wing parties. If he had not been selected, there was the  chance that the council would have declared the experiment a failure and resorted to the previous system. A system where national governments selected the President in back room deals, without any form of transparency. A strong European Parliament is a Pirate Party goal and PPEU nominated Amelia Andersdotter and Peter Sunde for the Comission Presidency.

Julia asking a question in the Parliament


Surprisingly Juncker is open to copyright reform. In answering a question put to him by Julia he said;

Copyright may not impede the digital ambitions of Europe, but must be an instrument to mobilize the European digital potential.

However, leaked documents and previous attitudes of the Commission demonstrate a need to be wary. Up until now only non-binding recommendations have been issued and nothing with any teeth. Other areas that Juncker has ticked Pirate policy boxes are:

  • a digital single market
  • breaking the blockade of data protection regulations in the Council
  • an obligatory lobby register
  • making public all documents relating to the TTIP negotiations
  • board band rollout
  • increased renewable energy power

Julia summed her action up;

At the same time, we have great differences – for example considering his position on asylum policy. However, as the only Pirate in parliament, I need to prioritize some issues over others. Hence, I made my decision mostly dependent on the core issues of the European Pirate Party’s common election platform.

The full text of Julia’s explanation can be read on her blog. Remember Julia is representing not only the Pirates of Germany but all of Europe. She is interested in your opinion.

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All Images: CC BY Julia Reda