Young Pirates of Sweden to Hire “Election Admiral”

Young Pirates of Sweden to Hire “Election Admiral”

The Young Pirates of Sweden, the youth wing of the Swedish Pirate Party, recently announced that they will be hiring an “Election Admiral” for the upcoming election year of 2014.

Next year there will be a “super election year” in Sweden, starting in May with the European Parliament and followed by local, regional, and national elections in September. To prepare for this year, the Young Pirates have recently announced that they will be hiring a full time “Election Admiral”.

The Election Admiral will be responsible for “leading the organisational part of the association’s election work”, and the job will focus on distributing campaign material and supporting local chapters in their campaigns. On their website, the organisation asks for someone who is “comfortable in being a leader”, “naturally communicative”, and who “loves delivering in time for deadlines”, among other things.

Young Pirates are now receiving job applications through email until October 18, which will be followed up by interviews in Uppsala, where the central office is located. The position is planned to start February 1, 2014 and last until September 30, 2014.

This will be the third full time position assigned by the Swedish Youth Pirate Party, after president Gustav Nipe and secretary Mikael Holm. The youth organisation has no member fee, but receives annual income from the Swedish Youth Agency, a grant calculated from membership numbers. The income of 2013 was almost 1.4 million SEK (€161 000), which is lower than previous years due to lower membership numbers – from having had over 20 000 members in 2009, they are now down to under 6 000 members, still making them the second largest Swedish political youth organisation.

Featured image: Swedish Pirates campaigning in 2009. CC BY-SA Anne Kekki.