15 Countries and YPE Signed the Statutes of the European Pirate Party

15 Countries and YPE Signed the Statutes of the European Pirate Party

On Wednesday,  4 September 2013, pirates from all over Europe gathered in Luxembourg city. The date and location was chosen to give a boost to the Pirate Party of Luxembourg who are currently campaigning for their national elections on 20 October. The venue for the day was the Abbaye de Neumünster in the historic center of city. The purpose of the event was the signing of the statutes for the creation of the European Pirate Party (PPEU). It was the conclusion of a lengthy process that took over a year and a half. It started at the Pirate Parties international conference of April 2012 in Prague. After conferences in Potsdam, Barcelona, Manchester, Paris, Kiev and Warsaw now the work was final.

The event was opened by Jerry Weyer of PPLU, followed by a speech by the president of the Luxembourg Pirate Party Sven Clement. He focused on the importance of cooperation and reminded us that when PPLU was founded 4 years ago they got help in writing the statutes from PPDE and PPCH. After that the real work got started with some minor last minute revisions to the statutes.

After lunch, the group of people gathered for the official part grew to about 60 people. The issues discussed in the morning where swiftly voted and then the official signing ceremony began. In the presence of elected pirates from the European Parliament and 3 different German Bundesländer 15 countries and the recently founded Young Pirates of Europe. The Pirate Parties from these different countries became the founding members: Luxembourg, Norway, France, Belgium, Greece, Catalonia, Cyprus, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden , Croatia, Poland and Germany.

You can read more about the statutes of the new organization. A summary of the amendment of the manifesto is also available for interested people. A video of the signing ceremony can also be found online.

Now, when the statutes are final, all parties will have a chance to have them ratified. After ratification there will be an official launch event hosted by the Pirate MEP’s in the European Parliament in March. The work however is not done. One of the goals set forward by PPEU is to form a joined platform for the European elections of May next year. Some work for this has already been done in conferences in Rome and Zagreb but a further preparatory conference is planned in Athens in November.


Edit: Poland was left out of the list. This error has been corrected on 10 September 2013. Sorry about that.