Think Twice 2 - A Conference to Bring Academics into Politics

Think Twice 2 – A Conference to Bring Academics into Politics

This past weekend the second Think Twice conference took place in Istanbul. The Think Twice conferences are organised to build bridges between Pirates, academics and NGOs. The first was held in Frankfurt am Main earlier this year.

The program for the conference was made up of thirteen speakers from around the world. Pirates will recognize many of the speakers as being from their own ranks. Names like Birgitta Jónsdóttir, Julia Reda, Smári McCarthy and the Pirate Times’ own Josef Ohlsson Collentine. Non Pirate speakers include Richard Vickers (University of Lincoln), Ufuk Eriş (Istanbul), Oana Olariu (Romania) and a few others.

All the speeches were recorded and will be released together with plenty of images from the event. Topics ranged from electronic voting, quixotical efficency, Turkish online activism and how to hack or reform the copyright. We will be writing more about them once they are made public.

The Think Twice 2 conference was organised by Pirate Parties International and Istanbul Commerce University. A book containing an article from each of the speakers is being put together. It will be printed in 500 examples and sent around the world to different universities and institutions. There will also be an online version to be shared around.


Josef Ohlsson Collentine

About Josef Ohlsson Collentine

I'm a dual citizen (American/Swede) and try to integrate my reflections from a more global perspective if possible. I'm the organizational leader for Pirate Times and work actively to strengthen the pirate movement through this work as well as being the international contact for Piratpartiet (PPSE). Elected board member of PPSE for 2015-2018. If you would like to ask me something I speak English, Swedish and Spanish. Find me on the links below