6 Months of Pirate Times (Aug 13-Feb 12)

6 Months of Pirate Times (Aug 13-Feb 12)

Today we celebrate six months of being a pirate news service. During our first 183 days of activity we have managed to publish 120 articles, creating an average of 470 words per day. We have attracted 45 966 visitors where 79.6% of them came from Europe. 

The pirate movement has been an international force right from the start. In August last year there were more than 50 countries with their own Pirate Party, each in a different stage of development. Although there existed opportunities to interact between countries – for example within Pirate Parties International – there had been little exchange of information. There was a need for the interchange of information, news and tips between the parties and through setting up an international news service for Pirates the goal was to improve the communication both outwards and inside the Pirate Movement. We wanted to inform Pirates and everyone interested in Pirate politics about topics that are relevant for most of us from an international perspective.

Pirate Times

We currently have 41 team-members from many different Pirate Parties in various countries around the globe. We make use of internet technologies to communicate, share ideas and collaborate on articles. We also take the time to meet up in real life with each other and our readers when we can. The main goal remains to create more international awareness between different Pirate Parties, spread news internationally and share the best practices regardless of borders. International topics can be brought to attention in several countries and more coordination between pirate parties can take place which will strengthen the Pirate Movement. We are loosely bonded to the PPI and accepted their kind offer to use PPI infrastructure.

Voices about Pirate Times

Her is what some of our readers said about the Pirate Times:

“I found some interesting news about UK, Austria and Russia for example. Sometimes, I spread the news but I didn’t got much feedback about. About Germany, it was less helpful for me since I read their posts in G+. I hope that the Pirate Times will go on, because I enjoy it very much and we need all to keep international awareness.” – Kenneth Peiruza, PP.CAT Spokesperson

“I enjoy Pirate Times! We frequently quote and use PT’s information on our website and social networks (both national and local networks).
Every Lundi (Monday) evening we have a mumble meeting called “Lundis Opinions” (Opinion Lundays) where we often refer to Pirate Times. And you are kind of fast since we were wondering about PP-UK position on their prime-minister declaration about the 2017 European referendum and it was already written and available for all on your site.” – Yohan AGLAE “MindHack” PPFR Spokesperson

“The Pirate Times is the best thing happening to the pirate movement since Johnny Depp” – Jonas, PP-BE

Future (plans to reach for end of 2013)

  • We want to grow our team by at least six more regularly contributing members so we can achieve the goal of one article per day (If you are interested please apply by joining the mailing list and introducing yourself).
  • 1000 readers per day
  • 500 newsletter subscribers
  • 2500 Facebook Page likes
  • 2500 Twitter followers
  • Translate Pirate Times to French and Spanish
  • To start a podcasting service
  • To get ourselves quoted more by the main stream media


For those of you who are numerically minded here are some statistics about the Pirate Times during our first six months. We started publishing articles on August 13th 2012 and these are the statistics up until today 13 February 2013. This is a period of 6 months =183 days (Aug 13-Feb 12). During this time we managed to achieve a Google page rank of 5 (a measurement of how effective your website is) and received 119.28 Euros in donations through Flattr from readers appreciating our work.


Unique visits = 45 966
Average visitors per day = 251
Pageviews = 67 861
Average pageviews per day = 371
Record day = 3091 visitors (Jan 25th)
Record week = 5913 visitors (21-27 Jan)
Record month = 10163 visitors (Jan)

How people found us

visitor statistics for pirate times website

Visitors per continent

website statistics showing visitors per continent

Social and traditional web media

Facebook likes = 808
Twitter followers = 875
Google+ fans = 147
RSS subscribers = 104
Newsletter subscribers = 286

Top 10 visitor countries

visitor statistics of top 10 countries

WordPress Stats

Authors = 25
Posts = 120
Words in posts = 84159
Average words per day = 460
Posts per month = 20
Average words per post = 701
Comments = 207
Words in comments = 13185
Trackbacks = 272
Months blogging = 6

Top five author stats

the five authors contributing most to Pirate Times

Top 10 articles (unique pageviews)

4872 the-pirate-world-2012
2446 pirate-parties-help-victims-of-megaupload-siezure
1634 alex-arnold-becomes-the-first-elected-pirate-mayor
1521 open-source-textbooks-learning-was-meant-to-be-free
1256 icelands-pirate-party-leader-plans-risky-trip-to-usa
1104 inside-the-clean-it-conflict
1033 ppi-blocked-from-becoming-observer-members-of-wipo
982 controversial-poster-campaign-of-the-lower-saxon-pirates
982 iceland-has-a-pirate-party
935 the-pirate-movement-on-facebook-and-twitter-october-2012

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