A Busy Weekend for Pirates on the International Stage

A Busy Weekend for Pirates on the International Stage

The Pirate Times team is getting ready to report on a lot of Pirate activity this weekend 24-25 November 2012. Three national conferences, one election and the foundation of a new national Pirate Party.

PP-DE National Conference
German Pirates are meeting in the city of Bochum in North Rhine-Westphalia  (Agenda in German). They have a lot to achieve as the party is flagging in the polls and facing national elections in less than a year. At least four members from the Pirate Times team will be on place there reporting back to you.

PP-NL National Conference
In the neighbouring Netherlands an annual conference is also held in Utrecht. They are seeking members for the presidency and for the auditing committee. There is a statutory auditing committee and presidium required, but these organs have been empty up until now. Furthermore, the membership of the Pirate Party has grown after the recent election, and thus there are more places within the Council of Members to fill. We will let you know how they get on. (Conference details in Dutch)

PP-HU First National Conference
The conference, being held in Budapest, is open and transparent to all. The Hungarian Pirates have a full two day program with workshops, elections and the all important charter. They will be meeting under the slogan “Think Different” – how different? Watch this space in the Pirate Times.

PP-CAT Regional Elections
There is election fever in Catalonia and the Pirates are fighting an outstanding campaign if the videos in this Youtube list  (with English subtitles) are anything to go by. We will let you know the results.

PP-IS Inaugural Meeting
Last, but by no means least, is an historic event in the remote island of Iceland. Iceland has been a beacon of web freedom in recent times and now that light will be even stronger with the founding of the Pirate Party of Iceland. Word has it that they will be playing “Bullshit Bingo” to entertain themselves during the, sometimes, tedious process of passing by-law after by-law. We will be telling you who the winner of that event is, as well as less important things like who has been elected to which post and how the Party will be influencing the future of the country for the better.


Featured image CC BY-NC-SA by  crowolf