A Program for the EU Pirates

A Program for the EU Pirates

The idea of a Pirate Party for Europe and the European Union has been underway for some time. And even though its organisation and agenda have yet to be determined, the work to create it has already been started. The main issue is, of course, the diversity of Pirate Parties in this geographical area and the coordination of their respective agendas.

The next European Parliament Elections will be held in 2014. A common program for all the national PPs, or at least a coordination between their individual programs, would greatly improve our chances to be a force on our own in the European Parliament. So we need a program that is acceptable for every European PP.

Hence, the PP-EU Programs working group is now compiling and translating the programs of the European Pirate Parties. The work in progress is available and a detailed status overview can also be found. PP-DE and PP-CAT have already translated their programs, but translations are still to be done for the others PPs.
When this documentation work is completed, a common program will be written that all the participating parties will review and vote on.

For more insights on the European PPs programs, see: http://wiki.ppeu.net/doku.php?id=programme:sources
For further information on the PP-EU process, see: http://ppeu.net/ and http://wiki.ppeu.net

Featured Image: European Parliament, Bruxelles | CC-BY-NC-ND John & Mel Kots