A Spanish Pirate in Argentina

A Spanish Pirate in Argentina

During a visit in Argentina a few weeks ago (the country I was born in), I took the opportunity to get to know some Pirates from Argentina.

We met up in a bar in the “Abasto” zone, one of the suburban parts of Buenos Aires. The bar is a cooperative and was not chosen by chance. The Pirate Party of Argentina has decided to hold all their meeting in social centres or cooperatives. Through this manner they show commitment to their cause.

From the moment I sat down I felt I was among friends. No matter where in the world you are, once you encounter another Pirate it is obvious, at first sight, that you belong together.

We exchanged stories and material. I brought some buttons and they gave me lot of “little pig” stickers, ones they normally gave away during their campaigning to people so that they could cover their cameras on their laptops.

We talked at length about the projects they where working on and I told them about what the “Spanish” pirates were up to. We discussed and compared the distinct tools of communication we used, as well as the debates and type of democracy on both sides of the Atlantic. We analyzed the situation of both our countries and the angles we shared with pirates from other parts of the world.

The only thing that struck me odd about PPAR was that they don’t wish to partake in any elections just yet. The Argentinian electoral law states that if a party does not partake in two consecutive elections they will lose their legal status. The Pirate Party of Argentina still believe there is a lot of struggles to win outside the elections before entering that arena.

If you live in Argentina don’t hesitate to contact the Pirate Party of Argentina and get together with them. You will meet a grass roots Pirate community, with assemblies, a will to change the system and most importantly a belief in the public good.

Their web: http://partidopirata.com.ar/
Their Twitter:https://twitter.com/PartidoPirataAr
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Featured image: CC BY-SA Lorena Müller