Battles for Democracy. Week 22.

Battles for Democracy. Week 22.

Encryption tool endorsed by Snowden abruptly shuts down; UK government threatened with shutting down the Guardian if files from the Snowden case were not destroyed; Europe on the verge of destroying online comments and free speech; Calls for social media to be censored in Spain after politician’s assassination is mocked on twitter; and much more.

Citizens abused or killed, liberties and rights cut

Encryption Tool Endorsed By Snowden Abruptly Shuts Down. On Wednesday afternoon, the official website for the TrueCrypt encryption software — which allows users to encrypt hard drives and sensitive files — was updated to say that it is no longer safe to use.

UK government threatened with shutting down The Guardian if files from the Snowden case were not destroyed. It seems that there is no other reason than that they didn’t want anyone reporting on the leaked Snowden documents from within the UK, which is completely meaningless these days.

Europe On The Verge Of Destroying Online Comments And Free Speech. An absolutely insane ruling that came out of the European Court of Human Rights last fall, in the case of Delfi AS v. Estonia, which basically said that any website that allows comments can be liable for those comments

Calls For Social Media To Be Censored In Spain After Politician’s Assassination Is Mocked On Twitter. The Spanish government is using the recent assassination of a politician as an excuse to limit free speech in social networks.

City Of London Police Keep Shutting Down Websites With No Court Order. The UK does still hold itself out as being a believer in free speech, but it is difficult to see the shuttering of a website without any due process as little more than blatant censorship.

Citizens unite, react and take action, institutions support them

Google launches ‘right to be forgotten’ webform for removal requests. It is not clear, however, what criteria Google will follow to accept the requests because the ruling of the European Court didn’t clarify it.

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Lo and Behold!

White House Accidentally Reveals CIA’s Top Spy In Afghanistan. For all the exaggerated talk of how much “damage” Ed Snowden has done, he hasn’t actually revealed the names of any spies or put them in any danger. No, that’s the White House’s job. An apparent slip-up meant that the White House distributed a list of people at a press briefing in Afghanistan that clearly identified the CIA’s top spy in the country.