Being a Pirate in your Local Community

Being a Pirate in your Local Community

You are a Pirate, and you’ve time on your hands. You would like to get more involved but there are no active Pirate groups near your location. There are two ways to get active.

Start a local chapter of the Pirate Party in your region. We have an article already written. Or…

Get involved with a local group, like a residents’ association. If you cannot find one your area, talk to your local government. Otherwise, according to your interests, you might like to join a sports club, crafts collective or gardening club. In any case an organisation that has a defined membership and an organising committee.

Once you have joined and you understand the workings and aims of the society you can begin to suggest Pirate principles where appropriate. There are various things you can do depending on circumstances.

  • Suggest the adoption of open source software
  • The use of the internet and social media to find out the wishes of the residents
  • Suggest ways to share resources in the community
  • If you feel able and there is an election or a vacancy then offer yourself for board positions

You will not only be benefiting the community, you will be gaining valuable experience and knowledge for the Pirate Party. You will gain recognition and friends in the community, and that can be used to campaign for a Pirate candidate in the future. And that candidate might well be you.

But don’t  go over the top. Don’t troll the entire community and to try win everyone for the Party. Of course you can let people know your political affiliation but let your Pirate ideas win people over, if they want to be.


Featured image: CC BY-SA 3.0