Birgitta Jónsdottir will advocate for Freedom of Internet in Prague

Birgitta Jónsdottir will advocate for Freedom of Internet in Prague

The Pirate  member of  the Althing( the Icelandic national parliament), Birgitta Jónsdottir, is going to visit Prague on 24 January 2015  to deliver a message about freedom of the press and freedom on the Internet: The event is being organized by the Czech Pirate Party. We are therefore are very pleased to welcome Birgitta Jónsdóttir to Prague.

Who is Birgitta anyway?
She is a skilled activist that said no to the unhappy situation in Iceland in the last decade. Chairperson of various grassroot movements in Iceland. A person, that unveiled various failures of the US Army in both Iraq and Afghanistan. An experienced politician devoting her efforts to improve legal situation in Iceland. One of three Pirate Members of the Icelandic Parliament – Althing. So, having such a guest in Prague is clearly a great thing for us. Both  the Pirate Group in the Prague Council and the International department of the Czech Pirate Party are trying to prepare the visit the best we can. There is already a working schedule that we will bring closer to reality as more and more people are involved. This will also involve various discussions and workshops and a nice post-event party lasting the entire evening. And besides all that – next day there will be a panel debate with Birgitta about the Icelandic constitution.

Still, one question remains: Why Prague? Well, it is perhaps a bit boastful to point out, but the Czech Pirates proved to be really successful in the recent elections. Having reached the best result in the European Parliament elections in May last year and by entering the Prague City Council, Czech Pirates proved to be an actual political force.  Besides that, Prague is an antique city; a true heart of Europe, influenced by many cultures and many nations in its past. A city with a multicultural tradition backed by past eras of great empires, turbulent periods as well as times when the Czech Capital used to be one of the major cities in Europe.

Coming to Prague itself is a great idea. Many people from all around Europe already do, and that is why our capital belongs to the most visited cities on the continent. But meeting Czech Pirates as well as an Icelandic MP brings added interest  to such an idea. If Prague is not far from you, consider visiting the event.  All of you will be welcome. And besides – you do not get a lot of opportunities to have a beer with an Icelandic MP.

Wanna come as well? Contact Jan Loužek –


This is a guest post by Jan Loužek

Jan Loužek

Jan Loužek (* 1986) is currently the secretary of the Pirate Group in Prague City Hall. In the past he was also an intern in the office of Amelia Andersdotter; where he provided international communicatoin with the rest of the Pirate community all over Europe. He also participated on various Pirate-related events like the election campaigns in Croatia, anti-ACTA demonstrations in Prague or Belgrade. He is also an active Wikimedian, an enthusiast of Slavic linguistics and an amateur photographer.


Featured Image: composite CC BY-NC-SA from works by  Js and Pedro Szekely