Brazil Conference – The Pirate Party of Brazil is no Longer

Brazil Conference – The Pirate Party of Brazil is no Longer

Partido Pirata do Brasil (The Pirate Party of Brazil) is no longer with us. The party’s members held their first ever General Assembly, and in an unusual move, the Pirates of Brazil decided to change their name to simply the “Pirate Party”. No more Pirate Party of Brazil but just plain Pirate Party. Not only that, they decided to change their official logo to the vanilla black on white Pirate P on a white background. Someone should tell Amazon. We’ll report about that later.

The assembly added nine new “immutable clauses” to their constitution. Here is the complete list of immutable clauses:

  1. The protection of human rights and civil liberties
  2. the right to privacy
  3. free access to information
  4. free sharing of culture and knowledge
  5. public transparency
  6. full democracy
  7. the secular State;
  8. freedom of expression
  9. colaboratividade: open cooperation
  10. gender equality, in all its expressions
  11. combating all forms of discrimination
  12. combating all forms of authoritarianism
  13. the inalienable right to resist oppression
  14. internationalism
  15. defending hacker activism
  16. full enjoyment of citizenship rights regardless of nationality, including the right to act as politician, hold assets and liabilities
  17. full individual self-determination
  18. net neutrality

Also the assembly decided that

  • The party cannot merge with another party.
  • The immutable clauses may not be removed or have their effectiveness muted or nullified.
  • The rights and guarantees in the constitution do not prevent others from deriving other rights and guarantees as long as they do not contradict the Declaration of Principles.
  • and adopted other documents of the Party.

The assembly elected a leadership for the Pirate Party in Brazil. They trust this team will take the Party through the process of bringing together the nearly half a million of signatures that they need for the next step to official registration.


Fabiane Kravutschke Bogdanovicz

Fabiane Kravutschke Bogdanovicz
CC BY-SA Partido Pirata

The First Secretary is Fabiane Kravutschke Bogdanovicz. She is 29, a psychologist working in a technological incubator of cooperative businesses in the city of Ponta Grossa where she lives. She was active in the student movement  and in academia. Currently she’s a counsellor at the women’s Municipal council for which she was nominated for her work in feminist activism, ecofeminist and transfeminist.  She is active for animal rights and takes part in the collective of Alternative Culture ZWPG.

Felipe Magnus

Felipe Magnus CC BY-SA Partido Pirata

The Second Secretary is Felipe Magnus, 24 years old. He has been a Pirate since 2009 and is a co-founder of the Pirate Party. He is a web developer and lives in Porto Alegre.

The move to change the name to just the Pirate Party is interesting and points to the members grasping the fact that the we are all part of a world wide movement that is growing. While each Party is autonomous we are somehow holding together to achieve mutual goals.
Maybe we should stop referring to the Pirate Party of Germany or Sweden or Turkey or Europe but rather the Pirate Party in Germany, the Pirate Party in Sweden, the Pirate Party in Turkey, the Pirate Party in Europe.

What do you think?

Featured image: CC BY-SA 3.0 The Pirate Party ( in Brazil)