Campaign Idea: Using Pirate Balloon Art

Campaign Idea: Using Pirate Balloon Art

Everyone likes getting a present, especially children but also Pirates (who are children at heart). Winning the hearts of your fellow Pirates at conventions and children whilst campaigning is important.
“Now why should we be concerned with pleasing children?”, I hear you ask.
Because we have the chance talk to their parents who, being grateful that their kids have been distracted for a while, will be more willing to listen to the Pirate message. Not to mention that the children will grow up to be voters and potential Pirates.

One of the best weapons in the pirate’s arsenal of weapons was the sword. For the Pirate movement today the balloon sword is still an important asset. The sword is easy to make (with a few twists from an experienced hand one can be made in less than a minute). For those of a more peaceful temperament other appreciated objects such as a parrot and a hat can be made (especially for the smallest kids).

Below are links to youtube videos that will show you how to make the sword, parrot and hat. But don’t restrict yourself to only these. You can make almost anything out of balloons up to and including pirateships. Although, in my experience, the sword is by far the most popular.

Sword  Parrot  Hat

As children tend to come in groups it is advisable to make some in advance. If you are working outdoors then you will find the wind to be a tricky enemy. Even the slightest gust can send one floating off down the street. If you have a pavilion you can store them between the struts and the fabric as well as far away from the strong sunshine. Another idea is to use an old duvet cover to protect them in. Under-inflate the balloons a bit, as this will reduce the number of popped balloons. A loud *bang* can bring even the bravest children to tears. Another useful tip is to tie a small piece of paper with contact information at the tied end of the balloon for the benefit of adults and older siblings. Make sure to clean up after yourself, including any parts left from popped baloons.

If you are looking for a source for your balloons in Europe and want to help your fellow Pirates then you might want to look at the shop run for the German Pirate Party. Please note that at the time of writing this article (25 November 2012) the shop is still in beta test phase and in German.


Featured image: CC-BY Pirate Times