Choosing the Best VPN (Comparing +140 services)

Choosing the Best VPN (Comparing +140 services)

With the increase of surveillance the need for protecting your activity online becomes more urgent. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a direct encrypted connection with another computer in a different place/country. The communication between your two computers is encrypted and all your browsing will go first through that other computer. Thus it will hide your online activity and protect your integrity.

There are many reasons to have a VPN:

  • Protect your privacy online and hide your activity from others.
  • Preventing your ISP (Internet Service Provider) from logging your internet activity.
  • Avoid tracking by government agencies on your actions online.
  • Avoid that sites visited (and installed programs), collect and send marketing information about you and about what you are doing on the internet.

ThatPrivacyGuy has made an extensive and unbiased comparison between +140 different VPN services. From the list it is clear that there is not a single obvious choice for VPN, you will have to make a choice based upon requirements and what you prioritize. At first sight the free Opera VPN might look good but it collects data for their own needs and is basically a proxy, but if that is all you need it’s a great choice.


list of unbiased virtual private networks comparison

See the full list of +140 VPN services


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