Collaboration between the Galician Pirates and “Graba tu Pleno”

Collaboration between the Galician Pirates and “Graba tu Pleno”

The Galician Pirates have recently started a collaboration project with the Spanish NGO “Graba tu Pleno” (“Record your Plenary”). In short, the Pirates will coordinate the NGO’s actions in Galicia, and will receive full media/logistics support in exchange.

“Graba tu Pleno” is a Spanish platform devoted to achieve widespread authorization to record any City Council meeting. Spanish Law doesn’t forbid to do so, since it expressly states that this kind of meetings are open to the public. However, it’s not totally clear on whether or not it’s possible to record those public meetings. Technically, it should also be legal (since it’s a corollary of the legally-enforced publicity), but there are no specific provisions concerning video cameras.

That’s why some Mayors have decided, on their own, that it’s illegal to record public meetings. They’re even expelling and fining those who try to do so.

“Graba tu Pleno” was born to put an end to these practices. They’re decentralized and gather from time to time to go to a particular city and try to record the Plenary session. If they’re expelled, they notify the press.

With this tactic, they’ve already managed to reach national TV, radio, and the printed press. They’ve also managed to get some support from important institutions such as the Spanish Ombudsman and members of the Government, as well as several Courts of Justice.

Since “Graba tu Pleno” and the Galician Pirates share the common goals of transparency and an increased citizen’s participation in public affairs, the agreement between them has been easy. “Graba tu Pleno” immediately decided to name the Pirates “Graba tu Pleno Galicia”, and the Galician Assembly voted unanimously to support the NGO.

Some specific lines of cooperation between both formations are already being developed.

Featured image:   portaldelsures CC BY-NC-SA logo Graba tu Pleno by permission