PP Croatia Reaches 21% in City District, Winning Two Out of Nine Board Seats

PP Croatia Reaches 21% in City District, Winning Two Out of Nine Board Seats

Last weekend local elections took place in Croatia and the Pirate Party had its first success. In one of the city districts of Samobor, namely Kolodvorsko/Sajmiste, the first two Croatian Pirates got elected. The elected pirates are Ivica Fulir, top candidate, and Dario Vidovic, second on the list. We published an interview last week with Dario Vidovic. For a first time participation in local elections a result of 21%, or two out of nine seats, is an excellent result. Kolodvorsko/Sajmiste is the only city district of Samobor where the Pirates ran. Not enough candidates could be found in time for the other sections of the city. For the city council of Samobor the result was only 1.89% and not enough to secure a seat since the threshold was 5%.

In a statement to Pirate Times, Dario Vidovic said that they wanted some seats in the city council, which is controlled by the mayor, but that representation in the city district council is a great start for a young party.


The Croatian Pirates participated in 6 cities and 1 region. The other results were lower but still very good for a first attempt. The results are as follows:

  • Zagreb – 0.95% (2,776 votes)
  • Rijeka – 1.63% (573 votes)
  • Petrinja – 3.77% (354 votes)
  • Varaždin – 2.17% (336 votes)
  • Samobor – 1.89% (269 votes)
  • Bilje – 2.09% (56 votes)
  • Primorsko-goranska županija (region) – 1.33% (1,409 votes, 99.70% of votes counted)

For a complete overview of all results in the local elections you can visit the official site.

Featured image: by Watashi Figthermonk CC BY-SA

This article has been updated 22 April 2013 – corrections to number formatting made.