Election Results for Pirate Party of Switzerland: 0.94% of total ballots

Election Results for Pirate Party of Switzerland: 0.94% of total ballots

Last Sunday, 18 October, national elections were held in Switzerland. The pirates did well, receiving 82,635 votes in total—0.94% of ballots cast. The turnout for the election was 49.99%.

Before the election took place the Pirate Party of Switzerland attempted to get them declared invalid and re-scheduled. The government in the region of Aargauer had published an election guide for the parliamentary elections but chosen to only include the elected parties in it rather than everyone participating. The Pirate Party of Switzerland demanded that during election all parties need to be treated equally and there is no need to promote the already elected parties further through government funding. In early October the Pirate Party had made similar complaints towards the regions of Zürich, Bern and Zug but have still not received any response.

The information in the electoral booklets, which were publicly funded, must be treated objectively and neutrally to demonstrate the diversity of the parties. Established parties are mentioned in the free media world enough and do not need this extra support. – Kilian Brogli, vice president of Pirate Party Switzerland

The elections in Switzerland took place throughout all 346 regions; pirates did particularly well in the regions of Berken (3.85%), Belprahon (3.2%) and Reisiswil (3.17%). In the Canton of Vaadt the Pirate Party reached their best result: 1.19%. For the senate elections Stefan Thöni achieved 4.41% in the Canton of Zug, Jorgo Ananiadis 2.35% in Bern, Denis Simonet 1.51% in Bern and David Duke 0.77% in Zurich.

The five best results for Pirates in the national elections:

  1. Guillaume Sauli (Waadt), 5.276 votes, 3.18%
  2. Jorgo Ananiadis (Bern), 10.389 votes, 2.93%
  3. Adrien Vion (Waadt), 5.260 votes, 2.92%
  4. Sylviane Klein (Waadt), 4.380 votes, 2.43%
  5. Ariane Beldi (Waadt), 4.254 votes, 2.36%

A good source for more election statistics http://binichdrin.ch/

edit 25/10: Added the result from Waadt and the five best national results by pirates

Featured image: Screenshot from binichdrin.ch