Flattr Appreciation During December Euro 21.12

Flattr Appreciation During December Euro 21.12

In December we had 47 things flattred by 15 unique users. In total we were flattred 103 times this month and received Euro 21.12 in support for our work. Our total current account balance is 96.88 Euros and we’re discussing how to invest the money. One idea is sending a small physical piece of appreciation to our team-members to make everyone more motivated as well as have something that connects our global team working to bring you Pirate Times. Two other projects under way that might need some money is a pod-casting project and a translation project of our articles into firstly Spanish and French. Either way the flattr support will come to good use! Thanks a lot for backing us!

The Flattr donations are very appreciated and motivate us to write more content! Thanks for your support!

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Name: Pirate Times
Period: 201212

Thing: Clicks: Revenue:
Flattr Appreciation During November Euro 17.94 7 €7.94
Hipsters vs Pirates. Is there a difference? 6 €4.56
Corruption and Lack of Transparency Led to Unrest in Slovenia 5 €2.42
The Pirate Movement on Facebook and Twitter – November 2012 6 €1.91
The Pirate Movement on Facebook and Twitter – October 2012 2 €1.37
Restructuring the Belgian Pirate Party 3 €0.43
About Us 3 €0.32
Pirate Party Charges Banks for WikiLeaks Boycott 3 €0.27
Pirate Times wins the “Pirate Blogger of the Year” award 3 €0.27
Swedish Young Pirates Confer on Mental Health and Labour Politics 3 €0.27
Campaign Idea: Using Pirate Balloon Art 3 €0.27
Pirate Party Norway has 5000 Signatures, Parliament Next Step 2 €0.25
Music industry seeks to ruin Pirate Party leaders 2 €0.25
Slovenia: Protests against corrupt politicians continue 2 €0.25
Pirates are Practicing the Experiment of Human Knowledge 2 €0.25
Stunning Rise of Electoral Influence for Pirates de Catalunya 3 €0.23
PPI blocked from becoming observer members of WIPO 3 €0.22
Pirate_Times on Flattr 3 €0.21
Pirate Times website 1 €0.21
#exile6e – a Pirate Docuseries 2 €0.07
Austrian Pirates Electoral Success in Graz 2 €0.07
Iceland has a Pirate Party 2 €0.07
Dutch Pirates Elect New Core Team 2 €0.07
Mediagoblin: Media hosting done right 2 €0.07
How Sweden Found an Effective Way of Broadening their Politics 2 €0.07
The Team 2 €0.07
Flattr Appreciation During August 2 €0.07
Alex Arnold Becomes the First Elected Pirate Mayor! 2 €0.07
PPSE: Decriminalising Narcotics, Separation of Church & More 2 €0.07
Bloggers Sued for Copyright Infringement, PP Membership Evidence of Guilt 2 €0.07
A Busy Weekend for Pirates on the International Stage 2 €0.07
German Pirates pull through on issues despite struggle with formalities 2 €0.07
The Pirate spirit detouring around politicians and stereotypes 1 €0.05
A New Internet Blacklist in Russia 1 €0.05
Flattr Appreciation During September Euro 20.49 1 €0.05
Introduction of The Pirate Party of Slovenia 1 €0.05
Czech PP Celebrates First Pirate Senator 1 €0.05
Organising a Regular Meeting 1 €0.05
Pirates Ready for Municipal Elections on Sunday in Finland 1 €0.05
European Pirate Parties Protest Against INDECT 1 €0.05
Tweet by @PirateTimes, 26 Oct 1 €0.05
Pirate Party of Slovenia Officially Registered and Prepared for New Challenges 1 €0.05
Flattr Appreciation During October Euro 29.81 1 €0.05
UK Pirates Get a Good Result in Manchester By-Election 1 €0.05
Controversial poster campaign of the Lower Saxon Pirates 1 €0.05
Portugal Declares File-Sharing for Personal Use Legal 1 €0.05
Pirate Party Sweden Sees Major Member Surge 1 €0.02
Flattr fee 10% – €2.35
Total sum for 47 things flattred by 15 unique users €21.12

Featured image: CC BY-SA Flattr.com