Flattr Appreciation During July 2014, Euro 5.94

Flattr Appreciation During July 2014, Euro 5.94

In July 2014 we had 24 things flattred by 7 unique users. In total we were flattred 35 times last month and received Euro 5.94 in support for our work.

July is one of the summer months with low activity. Both from our side and from number of visits we receive. During July we only had 7 people supporting Pirate Times through flattr, not enough for economic viability in the future. Most of the support came from regular flattr subscriptions showing that we need to do more to make the flattr button on our posts more visible. After the summer months we hope to have our site re-designed and then we can look on how to incorporate flattr in a more efficient way. Thanks to the 7 people that flattred us last month, it means a lot to us!

 Flattr is a microdonation service that allows you to give a small amount of money each month to content you would like to give support. It can be compared to a “Facebook super-like” with money attached. Users act like patrons of work or people they want to support and  ”many small streams” adds up to something larger.

Period: July

Thing: Clicks: Revenue:
Slovenian Pirates Might Enter Parliament Today 2 2.074
Pirate_Times on Flattr 4 1.102
The UK’s Data Emergency 2 0.491
Battles for democracy. Week 28 2 0.491
Battles for democracy. Week 25 1 0.416
Flattr Appreciation During June 2014, Euro 5.99 2 0.348
PPGR Uses Political “Trojan Horse” in Elections 2 0.348
PPRU Member Missing After Arrest at Ukrainian Border 2 0.185
About Us 2 0.078
The Team 2 0.078
Slovenian Pirates Achieved 1.34% in Elections 1 0.074
Piracy and Conferences in Istanbul: An Interview with a Turkish Pirate 1 0.074
Pirate Parties International GA 2015 Location Decided 1 0.074
Jumping Ship: Pirates Cooperating with other Parties 1 0.074
How Sweden Found an Effective Way of Broadening their Politics 1 0.074
Alex Arnold Becomes the First Elected Pirate Mayor! 1 0.074
PPI blocked from becoming observer members of WIPO 1 0.074
According to Spanish Law, internet piracy is the same as torture 1 0.074
Flattr Appreciation During February 2014, Euro 23.38 1 0.074
Flattr Appreciation During May 2014, Euro 9.17 1 0.074
Being a Pirate in your Local Community 1 0.074
Effective Pirating: Winning Discussions – tu quoque 1 0.074
The Transphobic Trials of Chelsea Manning 1 0.003
Flattr fee – 0.659
Total sum for 24 things flattred by 7 unique users 5.94

Featured image: CC-BY-NC, Dhammika Heenpella / Images of Sri Lanka