Goals for Pirate Times in 2015 – World Domination

Goals for Pirate Times in 2015 – World Domination

At the start of each year the Pirate Times team discusses the plans and goals we have for the coming twelve months. Here are our goals for 2015:

  • 100.000 visitors to our website
  • 3.500 followers on both Facebook/twitter (+50% follower increase)
  • Launch an API to help disseminate Pirate Party Information
  • New Website design
  • Attend at least 5 non-pirate conferences
  • Offer some Pirate Times merchandize
  • Cover ALL elections where Pirates participate
  • Stabilize ES/FR/GR translations (at least some updates every month from each language)
  • Add at least one more language to Pirate Times
  • Launch a Pirate Times podcast
  • Publish 304 articles (average of 6 per week)
  • Start a fund raising campaign to cover the costs of running Pirate Times as well as help with the expenses our members have getting to various events and conferences


To achieve all this we are going to need more Pirates to contribute in a variety of ways. Many of our members of the Pirate Times team find themselves filling positions of responsibility in national and international Pirate Party organisations after a while. For example, two members of the board of Pirate Parties International are also part of the Pirate Times. We call this the Pirate Times effect. Taking on more responsibility elsewhere strengthens the pirate movement but it also means that they do not have the same amount of time to devote to the team as they once had.

We need writers, researchers, proofreaders, editors, podcasters, translators, graphic designers and more – if you have a skill, that has not been mentioned don’t let that stand in your way. We are open to everyone and all ideas.

You can join our team by subscribing to our internal mailing list and introducing yourself. One of our administrators will get in touch you.

Featured image: CC-BY-NC-SA, Yodatheoak