Greek Pirate Party Election Results

Greek Pirate Party Election Results

The national election took place on Sunday in Greece. The election was announced shortly before it took place which gave political parties a narrow time frame to launch their campaigns. Being a new party this also meant financial and organizational difficulties for Pirate Party of Greece.

The Pirates in Greece formed a coalition with Dimokratikoi and “koinonia axion“. This was done in order to be able to run for the election but it also caused a lot of internal struggles in the party. 

The coalition did not manage to get the votes from the Greek population. They managed to achieve a mere 0.28% of votes. However, just participating and being an option was important for the Greek pirates in order to participate in coming elections when they will have more time to campaign. The results for the coalition varied between 0.26% to 0.42% in most of the regions they participated in.

I’m happy [with results] because we only ran with 8 pirate candidates. In total of 56 regions our coalition had candidates in 39. [some of these had only one candidate where bigger parties often run with 6-8] – Stathis Leivaditis (steering committee, PPGR)

The participation across Greece was at 56.57% with a total of 5.566.295 votes. A displeasure with the political parties can be seen in the high number of blank votes (1.16%). Syriza won the election (35.46%) getting 145 seats in parliament ahead of ‘Nea Demokratia’ (28.10%) with 75 seats.


Full results for the Greek Pirate Party Coalition

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Featured image: CC-BY, PPGR