How To: Make a School Tour With Pirate Politics

How To: Make a School Tour With Pirate Politics

Students are generally interested in the type of politics that the Pirate Party has and thus make a good audience. Talking in a school gives you an opportunity to inform about your important political issues. It also gives an opportunity to attract new voters or members for your party.

“My experience from visiting schools in Sweden is that young people understand and agree with our politics fundamentally, even teachers. The Pirate party is about knowledge and what better place is there to express that than schools? The Pirate party should love schools and work to make schools love us.” – Erik Lönroth, PPSE

1. Contact someone you know who works in a School
Almost everyone knows someone working in a school, lower grades, high-school or University. Ask if you can come and talk about one of the subjects you love talking about. If you are unsure about what subject to choose you can brain-storm with some friends or pick one of the following:

  • Copyright From a School Perspective
  • Open Source Code
  • Democratic Deficit in EU
  • Integrity on the Internet

When you ask about coming and talking at the school mention other examples of schools who were happy with your visit (or someone else’s). Be nice and stay positive even if they say ‘no’ (ask to come back again once they have thought about it some more). See the talk as a “fun” interaction.

2. Start NOW instead of waiting for the right time
We need to get out in society and talk about our politics, put our topics to a general discussion and put them on the agenda. Once the election campaigning starts it will be too late for this. With the practice you receive from talking you will be better prepared to take to political discussion in election times. Hopefully the students will ask about some of those same topics come election time.

3. Contact representatives from other political parties
Once the election campaign starts and the other political parties start visiting schools we want to be there and have political debates with them. Call or mail the other representatives and ask when their party will be debating at the schools. See the talks you did earlier as a preparation for these debates and as a priming of the students and the questions they will bring up.

4. Take photos and talk about your school tour
Make sure to document your talks. It will inspire others as well as help you improve for next time. Spread the knowledge and convince others that school talks are a good idea. One tool you can use to spread your presentation is Slideshare.

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Featured pic: CC-NC-SA, Erik Lönroth