In memory of Ronnie Popkema

In memory of Ronnie Popkema

Today Pirate Times learned the sad news that one of the faces of the Pirate Party of the Netherlands, Ronnie Popkema, suddenly passed away last Friday night. Ronnie was the top candidate in the city of Zwolle during the last local elections on March 19th. Pirate Times published an interview with him during those elections.

Ronnie lived to the age of 41. He was a passionate musician and a former drummer in a punk band called the Jeremy’s. He was also an awesome Pirate that continuously fought for the rights of others.

Ronnie only recently discovered he suffered from an incurable cancer. The speed at which his fight against the disease was over came as a true shock to everyone.

All who worked with him feel downhearted, angry and sad. Despite this, the campaign for the EU elections in the Netherlands must continue as this is what Ronnie would have wanted. A planned visit of the campaign boat to Zwolle tomorrow will happen as planned but the program will be adapted to give everyone who desires to do so the chance to share memories of him and process the grief.

On behalf of the Pirate Times team we send our sincerest condolences to all Pirates in the Netherlands, his family and friends.