Julia Reda Tops German List to European Parliament

Julia Reda Tops German List to European Parliament

The full list, tweeted by Uli König.

The German Pirate Party determined their list of twelve names to the European elections during this Sunday, January 5th 2014. The top names on the list are Julia Reda, Fotios Amanatides and Anke Domscheit-Berg.

The top name, Julia Reda from Frankfurt, is a familiar name in both German and European Pirate politics. Julia has previously chaired Young Pirates Germany from 2010 to 2012 and is currently, since its founding in August 2013, the chairperson for Young Pirates of Europe. Julia also has direct experience from the European Parliament, after previous work as an assistant for the office of Swedish Pirate MEP Amelia Andersdotter.

Runner-up Fotios Amanatides focuses on citizen participation, foreign policies and security policies. Anke Domscheit-Berg, third place on list, focuses more on open data and open government. Another candidate worthy of mention is Patrick Schiffer at number 10, an active contributor here at Pirate Times.

The list of twelve names is short in comparison to Germany’s total of 96 seats in the Parliament, meaning the Pirate Party will run out of names if they reach over 12 % in the spring elections. This is a result of the voting system they used at their general assembler in which every candidate had to reach at least 50 % of the votes in order to get on the list.

Update: The article originally had Anke Domscheit-Berg’s surname wrong, and said that Germany had 99 seats in the Parliament instead of 96. This has since been corrected.

Featured image is CC BY Tobias M. Eckrich.