Music industry seeks to ruin Pirate Party leaders

Music industry seeks to ruin Pirate Party leaders

In the United Kingdom the Pirate Party is facing a legal battle with the music industry (BPI) for hosting a proxy to the Pirate Bay. After threatening the Pirate Party itself they now turned to threatening the four leaders and their head of IT. They are planning on suing these persons on a personal level, seeking to financially ruin them, if the Pirate Party doesn’t take down their Pirate Bay Proxy.

This is based on a High Court order ordering several UK ISPs to censor the Pirate Bay, and it also has happened in other European countries, e.g. the Netherlands. The Pirate Party UK was prepared for that and has ever since been offering a proxy service so that the Pirate Bay can be accessed within the United Kingdom. This service has become really popular recently and is among the most visited 150 websites in the UK.

Similar pattern in the Netherlands

Basically the same happened to the Pirate Party of the Netherlands. In the Netherlands the music industry organization BREIN managed to get the Pirate Bay blocked by several ISPs. The Pirate Party of the Netherlands then also offered a proxy to reach the Pirate Bay. For this they have been sued by BREIN and have lost the case prior to appeal. This forced them to shut down their proxy and they were also forbidden to link to the Pirate Bay or even other websites that offer proxy’s or guides on how to access the Pirate Bay. They are planning on continuing the fight but they still need money to go to appeal. But at least BREIN has been fair enough not to sue the leaders of the Pirate Party of the Netherlands directly.

Both parties in need of donations

Both Pirate Parties are willing to fight these cases for the principles at stake. As the leader of the Pirate Party UK Loz Kaye puts it:

“It is clear that we are facing a significant threat, and we will have to fight it. And fight it well, not just for the sake of the Pirate Party, but because of the principles at stake. I have always believed that it is not just enough to have principles, you need to act on them too, even if it gets difficult.”

In order to fight these legal battles both Pirate Parties depend on donations therefore they have donation websites with all necessary information on how to help the Pirate Party of the United Kingdom or the Pirate Party of the Netherlands.

Featured image: CC BY-NC-SA Pirate Party UK