Pirate Parties International Looking for a Host City for 2015 GA

Pirate Parties International Looking for a Host City for 2015 GA

Every year Pirate Partie International holds a general assembly in a different city in the world. They are now looking for a venue for 2015. Could your city be the place where international Pirates from around the world to meet, socialize and work to spread the Pirate message?

Not only will this be an opportunity to meet with Pirates from exotic places but it will give your local Party plenty of publicity and recruitment opportunities.

If you think your city should be in the bidding, contact your board or, if you are a board member, raise it with your colleagues. But don’t delay. Submissions should be in by 01 July 2014.

The text of the call follows and you can access the details of the requirements in the wiki.



Dear Members of PPI!

We are looking for a port to dock to for our next big assembly!

Call for Hosts

Pirate Parties International is looking for a host of its next General

Pirate Parties International calls for offers to host our next annual
PPI conference and General Assembly. According to the statutes of the
PPI, the General Assembly of the PPI meets once a year. That means the
next PPI conference will be held in 2015.

Next main PPI GA – 2015

Pirate Parties International calls for offers to host the next annual
PPI conference and General Assembly. We are looking for a location with
local volunteers who have an eye for detail and are able to organise and
host our main international event.

The PPI Conference is a great event to host as it is the main gathering
of the international Pirate Movement. Hosting it will create marvellous
results; it will give the host country visibility far beyond your
internal PPI activities and will make a real impact on your local Pirate

A brief overview of the requirements is given below.

The PPI Conference is a two and a half day event, held over the course
of a weekend. In 2012, we had a total of around 250 attendees including
press. Depending on the geographic location, this year we expect an
increase of about 15% as newly admitted Members and new Membership
Applicants are entitled to send in a delegation of up to 6
representatives. Currently, the maximum number of official delegates is
276 (29 ordinary members, 6 observer members and, as of the moment of
writing, 11 membership applicants) but this is not a final figure and
still has the potential to go up. Should the Parties to the GA not use
their full contingent of delegation spaces, additional participants from
the general public will be admitted to fill the space.

The Program of Conference is usually structured as follows:

Friday is used for travel, arrival and the pre-registration of most
attendees. During the day, smaller topical pre-meetings happen, some in
an ad hoc arrangement and some more formally. Friday evening is the
welcome party and social event, usually held in an off-site restaurant
or other location. Saturday and Sunday the actual Conference and General
Assembly is held.

The statutes require the Pirate Parties International to have a General
Assembly once a year and we traditionally aim to hold it in March or
April, but you are free to offer alternative dates which we will consider.

The proposal should include:
– Details of the conference venue (infrastructure, facilities, Internet
connectivity, on-site catering etc.)
– A reasonably detailed budget
– Information about local community support; core team members,
potential local industry and government support (if possible)
– Lodging options and overview of airports, railway stations, public
transport options etc.

Applications must be sent to the board of PPI at board (at) pp (dash)
international (dot) net

You can find a list of requirements for your offer and more information
on the conference on our wiki page

01.06.2014 – publishing the call for offers
01.07.2014 – deadline for applications
03.07.2014 – mumble conference with all offers/public offer opening.
05.07.2014 – discussion of submitted offers in the RL PPI Board meeting
in London
07.07.2014 – begin of voting by PPI members after the offer approval by
PPI Board
22.07.2014 – announce winners. (PPI Board meeting)

Kind regards

Thomas Gaul
Chief Administration Officer
Pirate Parties International


Featured image: CC  BY-SA  cyzen