Pirate Party Iceland Polling at 43%, Almost a Majority

Pirate Party Iceland Polling at 43%, Almost a Majority

After leading the polls for almost a year, the Pirate Party of Iceland has reached their highest result with 43% in the latest poll. This result would be a landslide victory over the current ruling government at 29.5% (7.9% + 21.6%). After being elected in 2013, with a mere 5.1% of the votes, PPIS popularity has exploded. Since 30 April 2015 they have consistently polled at over 30% (see graphic below) and have been leading every single poll showing that their rise in popularity was not just a flash in the pan. The other opposition parties all had increases between  2-3% since the latest poll (compared to the 5% growth for the Pirate Party).

The two coalition parties that are currently forming the government both dropped ~5% since the last poll a month ago. Since the election in 2013 the Progressive Party has dropped most of their support, falling from 24.43% to the current 7.90%. Their coalition partner, the Independence party, has maintained more of their trust and only slightly decreased but remained fairly stead throughout the year.

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Diagram displaying all poll results since the election 2013


Another poll shows that 81% of respondents would like Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð to resign. Looking at his own party, the Progressive Party, 14% would like him to resign. From their coalition party, the Independence Party, 56% have lost trust in their Prime Minister and would like him to resign.

Another poll shows similar distrust against the other two ministers revealed as owning off-share accounts in the Panama Papers scandal. 69% believe that the Minister of Finance (and Independence Party chairperson), Bjarni Benediktsson, should also resign.  63% believe Minister of the Interior, Ólöf Nordal, should resign

The suggested replacement for Prime Minister is Sigurdur Ingi Jóhannson, the current Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. Sigurdur Ingi only reached a 3% trust rating in a poll a month ago. Thus he is very unlikely to manage to recuperate the population’s loss of trust in their current government before the next elections currently reported to be in the autumn.

Featured image: CC-BY, Pirate Times
Summary of all opinion polls: CC-BY-SA, Jamaika-Koalition