Pirate Party Norway Increases Slightly in Elections

Pirate Party Norway Increases Slightly in Elections

Norway just had their regional and local elections. This was the second election that Pirate Party of Norway (PPNO) participated in. Two years ago they achieved 0.3% of the votes in their national elections. This time, in regional and local elections they achieved the same result (0.3%).

In total they received 7.165 votes despite not managing to participate in all regions this year. PPNO had lists in 13/19 counties, managing a slight increase in most of them. Had they managed to participate in the other six regions (Finnmark, Hedmark, Nord-Trøndelag, Sogn og Fjordane, Telemark, Troms) their result would probably have been even higher.

Akershus 0,4% (+0,1)
Aust-Agder 0,4% (+0,1)
Buskerud 0,5% (+0,1)
Hordaland 0,4% (+0,1)
Møre og Romsdal 0,4% (0)
Nordland 0,4% (0)
Oppland 0,4% (+0,1)
Oslo 0,2% (-0,1)
Østfold 0,4% (+0,1)
Rogaland 0,4% (0)
Sør-Trøndelag 0,5% (0)
Vest-Agder 0,4% (+0,1)
Vestfold 0,4% (+0,1)

In the municipal elections they participated in four areas with mixed results. A total of 1.409 votes in these elections distributed as follows:

Gamle Oslo 0,4% (-0,3)
Kongsberg 1,0% (+0,4)
Kristiansand 0,4% (+0,1)
Trondheim 0,4% (-0,2)

PPNO didn’t manage to do a lot of campaigning apart from the DNS service they set up to keep the Norwegian Internet free. This action was done as a response to a recent court case that decided to block The Pirate Bay and several other filesharing sites. Even with low campaigning their future looks bright with small increases throughout and the school elections (a simulated election for students to practice democracy) that gave them 5.492 votes (4.1%).

Featured image: CC-BY-SA, PPNO