Pirate Party of Australia Congress in Brisbane

Pirate Party of Australia Congress in Brisbane

In the coming weekend of  19-20 July 2014 the Australian Pirates will be holding their annual congress in the city of Brisbane.  They will be electing a national board and voting on policy and statutes.

Due to the large size of the country, provision has been made for all Australian Pirates to participate online during the GA. A live broadcast will be available between 10am and 5pm (convert time from Brisbane) during the weekend for interested Pirates from around the world: http://pirateparty.org.au/congress-streaming/

Invited guest speaker at the congress is the Pirate Party of Iceland’s Birgitta Jonsdottir. She will be speaking on the importance of Pirate Parties for 21st Century legislation.

Birgitta Jónsdóttir addressing the Althingi

Birgitta CC BY-SA PPIS


Once the Aussie Pirates have been inspired by Birgitta they will get down to some hard work.

A new national council, comprising nine members, has to be elected. Then comes the work of passing motions, policies and constitutional and statutory changes, which are detailed in the program.

A few highlights from the potential changes are:

  • A motion to change the status in Pirate Parties International for the Australian Party
  • Policy changes in the areas of the Australian constitution, copyright, education, ‘the environment and climate change’, tax and welfare.
  • Changes to the Party’s statute – mostly routine but some interesting points about the length of time between congresses, ‘lapsed memberships and reapplications’ and ‘evidence based policies and open government’.

 Featured image: CC BY-SA Pirate Times – composite from PPAU, PPIS Giorgio Montersino