Pirate Times – 2014 in Review

Pirate Times – 2014 in Review

This past year has been an eventful one, both for the Pirate movement and for Pirate Times. A significant moment in pirate history was when PPEU was formed. Later that year PPI had their general assembly in Paris and arranged their first conference outside of the normal GA’s, to mix academia and Pirates, which they called ThinkTwice. PPI also arranged ThinkTwice 2 during the fall in Istanbul.

Pirate Times started summarizing the elections that pirates have partaken in to keep pirate history safely stored. We wrote about which Pirates have been elected to state, national and multinational bodies and later wrote about which Pirates had been elected to municipalities and local bodies. Here is a list of the pirate elections we have written about in 2014.

Australian pirates finished 4th of 11 candidates in Griffith
Bavarian pirates won local seats
Dutch pirates got their first elected pirate
French also got their first elected pirates
Czech pirates won the school elections
Pirates got more than 800.000 votes in the EU elections
Icelandic results ended in nail-biting finish
Slovenian Pirates did good in elections
Swedish Pirates made a disappointing result
Results for state elections in Saxony-Thuringen-Brandenburg
New Zealand election results
Czech pirates entered several local parliaments
American pirate candidates reached up to 18%
Czech pirates get their first Mayor
Greek pirates get elected to the board of Athen’s teacher association

Most Popular Articles 2014

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More Reading

If you still need more reading about Pirates you can take a look at our summary of 2013 which we wrote in two parts (part 1) (part 2). You can also take a look at our summary that we made for our two year anniversary where we displayed some statistics. If you still have extra time you can always join us and help to proofread new content or write your own.


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