Pirates Asked to Help Internet Party in Serbian election with Selfie

Pirates Asked to Help Internet Party in Serbian election with Selfie

CALL TO PIRATES to make selfies – valid until Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The Idea:
Have you ever wondered how Pirate culture can help launch a local movement into the spotlight? Now is the chance.

The Internet Party is an idea from the people of  the city of Zrenjanin, Serbia. Pirate Parties International (PPI) vice chairman Patrick Schiffer and Jelena Jovanovic visited Internet Party founder, politician and entrepreneur Sasa Zdrnja, in the last week of March. A documentary, recorded during the visit, will be released ASAP and distributed via the same channels as this release.

Internet Party Serbia is planning to become a member of Pirate Parties International. As of last year, the PPI statutes allow parties whose program is close to that of the Pirates but do not have word “Pirate” in their name to apply for membership.

The Internet Party is running for the elections in City of Zrenjanin, where elections are to be held on 24 April. A media ban starts at 22 April. Their candidates list is published “Zrenjanin – glavni grad Vojvodine” (in English: “Zrenjanin – capital of Vojvodina”). Vojvodina is an autonomous northern province in Serbia, with central authorities in Novi Sad. The movement insists that part of the government should be relocated to Zrenjanin, which would be beneficial to all citizens and help ICT professionals (one faculty and one college for developers) achieve their business goals faster. At this moment many tech people in Serbia are unemployed, without possibilities to gain relevant experience or to volunteer. With the relocation of part of the Vojvodinian government this can be changed for the better.

Caps of the Internet Party Serbia

Caps of the Internet Party Serbia

It would be awesome to show solidarity and support from Pirates.

It does not take much time to show support.

To raise awareness in social media about ‘list number 14’ with a message of support. You do not need to post more than once via Twitter and/or Facebook, as we are not trying to make a Twitter storm this time. Your message of support is your selfie with a pre-prepared message in Serbian or with a support message of your choice in your language.

Copy + Paste these messages, and print them out. Find suggestions below (feel free to make your own, please):
– Zrenjanin – glavni grad Vojvodine
– Podržavam Zrenjanin, listu broj 14

at the bottom include:
Your name, Last name
Name of Pirate Party, Country

If you put out a message in your own language, make sure that you include a translation in your post.

Use the hashtag: #Zrenjanin #izbori2016
Send selfie by Tuesday 19 April


Article by:
jelenaJelena Jovanovic
Jelena is a former Pirate Parties International  board member
and the media guru for PPI.
Featured images: CC BY-SA Internet Party of Serbia