PPI’s New Board Carries Hopes and a Big Weight

PPI’s New Board Carries Hopes and a Big Weight
Despite some facts that burdened the atmosphere of the general assembly, data and numbers show that PPI continues to inspire and attract Pirates worldwide.  PPI accepted 14 new members, increasing the number of Pirate Parties in PPI to 42 countries . They also accepted a further six observer members, elected a new board and voted on some statute changes. The new board has to carry a big weight; organizing, helping to establish, support, promote, and to maintain communication and co-operation between Pirate Parties around the globe, especially after recent critique of the last board.
The GA started with a speech from Pavel Rassudov, the chairman of the Pirate Party of Russia followed by a speech from Gregory Engels, former as well as re-elected PPI co-chairman. After the speeches the GA proceeded in a bar-camp style.

The GA also passed two resolutions. The first one aims to support the Pirate Party of Russia in their fight for official registration.  The

the resolution supporting PPRU


second resolution calls for more democracy worldwide. The goal is to establish a parliamentary assembly at the UN (UNPA).

The new elected board:

The Co-Chairmen are Gregory Engels (Germany, 36y) and Vojtech Pikal (Czech Republic, 26y). Other elected members are Nuno Cardoso (Portugal, 39y), Denis Simonet (Switzerland, 28y), Thomas Gaul (Germany, 48y), Azat Gabdrakhmanov (Russia, 30y) and Marc Tholl (Luxembourg, 22y).

The new PPI members:

Pirate Party of Latvia (http://www.piratupartija.lv/)
Pirate Party of Slovakia (http://piratskastrana.sk/)
Ukrainian Pirate Community (Українське піратське співтовариство) (http://pp-ua.org/)
Pirate Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina (PiratskaPartija.ba) (http://www.piratskapartija.ba/)
Pirate Party of Estonia (NGO, MTÜ Eesti Piraadipartei) (http://piraadipartei.ee/)
Pirate Party of Belarus (Партыя піратаў Беларусі) (http://ppb.by/)
Pirate Party of Tunisia (http://www.partipirate.tn/)
Pirate Party of Israel (מפלגת הפיראטים ישראל) (http://piratim.org/)
Pirate Party of Hungary (Kalozpart) (http://kalozpart.org/)
Pirate Party of Iceland (Píratar) (http://www.piratar.is/)
Pirate Party of Turkey (Korsan Parti) (http://korsanparti.org/)
Pirate Party of Poland (Polska Partia Piratów (P3) (http://polskapartiapiratow.pl/)
Pirate Party of Japan (http://ppt.3rin.net/)
Pirate Party of South Korea (no website)

The new observer members:

Pirate Party of Berlin (Germany)
La Rioja (Spain)
Tyrol (Austria)
The Young Pirates of Sweden,
Sweden’s Pirate Party
Icelandic Best Party

Persons interested in more details about how the conference went can read the minutes and the PPI press release or any of the news reports e.g. ntv, Business-Gazeta, PublicPost, le mouv.

A television interview at Kazan PPI GA 2013

CC BY-SA Henrique Peer

The recent PPI GA’s, as well as the last board, have been criticised severely by some people for different reasons. Seeing excerpts from some of the board reports we can see that some of the last board members felt this pressure and critique.
        “I also recommend the next board draw up a series of aims, a public list of concrete things it plans to achieve. Without this, it is all too easy to drift between meetings every two weeks with nothing ever getting achieved” -Ed
        “PPI’s boat is headed to towards an Iceberg and has a strong possibility of sinking if it’s direction doesn’t change. […] Either we fix this by removing the rift, by making the PPI members, and not some elected scapegoats, responsible for PPI or we will only succeed in the demise of a formal cooperation between international PP’s, and if PP’s can’t fix the mistakes of this one, then any formal alternatives will end up making the same mistakes over and over again” – Nuno
        “In the beginning of December 2012 I lost all the motivation to work for the movement whose members are constantly fighting with each other and prevent others from doing their work […]  I couldn’t work any longer for an organization whose members are blackmailing each other and making working people resign from office out of spite. I have not participated much in PPI work since then. […] Constant mistrust is what the International Pirate Movement looks like from my perspective” – Lola
The Pirate Times believes that the PPI is very important for the Pirate Movement. We hope that the new board will manage to resovle the tension that exists between the PPI board and some of their members.
Featured image: CC BY-SA Henrique Peer