Polish Pirate Party started accepting membership requests

Polish Pirate Party started accepting membership requests

On Monday 18 of March 2013  the Polish Pirate Party (PP-PL) started accepting membership requests. This is another step in creating a new politics in Poland  a reality. Pirate Parties around the world are showing that you can make  politics in a different way and empower people.

“We are back for good on the Polish political scene to fight for Pirate ideas – free knowledge, right for privacy and confidentiality of correspondence, free and culture heritage and transparency of governmental decisions. We will do everything to be sure that our party will become the first one, to not just fight for power, but more to change social reality.”

Błażej Kaczorowski, the party spokesperson, wrote to us.

PP-PL declares that they are not outraged, but just disgusted with and tired of politics as it looks now. Instead of shouting they want to teach. They will not only make technological but also economic demands based on common sense and calculations.

They primarily operate in the field of education – teaching and showing that in our society there is still lack of democratic ideals and how new technologies can help create real participative mechanisms for the exercise and control of power. They co-operate with Pirate Parties around the world – last week they were visited by representatives of the Pirate Movement formed in Belarus, and in 3 months will be organizing a conference in Warsaw concerning the creation of the European Pirate Party, which will be established to coordinate next year’s elections to the European Parliament (for more information on PP-EU and the conference itself we will provide more information soon).