pirate party germany protesting for free speech in Berlin

Protest in Berlin Against Death of Free Speech

Bruno Kramm, leader of the Berlin branch of the Pirate Party of Germany, was arrested last Friday. Kramm now faces prosecution under section 103 of the German criminal code for ‘insulting’ Turkish President, Recep Erdoğan. Despite the pending prosecution he is already preparing for his next protest.

On 29 April 2016, Kramm will take part in a silent ‘Mahnmarsch’ (warning march) through Berlin’s Tiergarten to a demonstration outside the Turkish Embassy on ‘Tiergartenstrasse’. The marchers will have their mouths taped closed and will carry grave-lights to mark the death of free speech

A temporary memorial has been erected in the square in front of the Embassy, in the form of a large dove of peace made from sheet steel, before which flowers, toys, poems, tea-lights and other gifts have been left for Kurdish and Syrian victims of the Turkish regime.

The protest will begin with a rally at 5pm in front of the Chancellery, with speeches on the theme of refugees, press and artistic freedom, and the rise of the surveillance state. Following the rally, the protesters will conduct their silent march to the Turkish Embassy, where they will lay flowers at the refugees’ memorial.

Featured image: Modified screenshot from the PPDE youtube channel

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