Results for Pirates in the Spanish Local Elections

Results for Pirates in the Spanish Local Elections

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Last Sunday, 24 May 2015, there were local elections in Spain. The Pirate Party members of Confederación Pirata are part of many citizens’ alliances formed by grassroots movements, other left leaning parties and independent citizens.
The Pirates stood more than 30 cities around Spain. Those alliances, in which the Pirates took part, obtained 59 council seats. Eight of the lists were headed by Pirates. Dario Castañé, Carlos González and Adrián Juste were the list leaders who won council seats last Sunday.

List of Results

  • Piratas de Castilla-León
    • Ávila
      • Arenas de San Pedro: 10.50%. 1 councilor.
  • Piratas de Extremadura
    • Adelante Extremadura
  • Piratas de Galicia 
    • Vigo
      • eQuoPIRATASVigo: 0.56%. 0 councilors. 
  • Piratas de la Comunidad Valenciana
    • Valencia
      • Totes amb Burjassot: 6,27%.  1 councilor. Adrián Juste, Pirate councilor. 
    • Castelló
      • Piratas de Onda: 1.04%. 0 councilors. 

Adrián Juste voting Photo CC BY Totes amb Burjassot

  • Pirates de Catalunya
    • Girona
      • Compromís amb Girona: 1.65%. 0 councilors. 
      • Pirates de Palamós: 1.17%. 0 councilors. 
      • Ara Podem Santa Coloma de Farners: 4.43%. 0 councilors.
      • ICV-EUiA-Pirates de Blanes: 16.78%. 4 councilors. 
    • Lleida
    • Tarragona
      • Calafell en comú: 4.71%. 0 councilors. 
      • Som Poble de Vendrell: 10.03%. 2 councilors. 
    • Barcelona
      • Decidim Igualada: 6.39%. 1 councilor. Dario Castañé, Pirate councilor. 
      • Democracia Municipal Manresa: 5.54%. 1 councilor. 
      • CapgiremBCN: 7.42%. 3 councilors. 
      • Canviem L’Hospitalet: 10.22%. 3 councilors. 
      • Areys si pot: 3.22%. 0 councilors.
      • AUP Rubí: 10.46%. 3 councilors. 
      • Cornellà en comú – Crida per Cornellà: 17.44%. 5 councilors. 
      • CUPC Sant Cugat: 15.20%. 4 councilors. 
      • Gent d’Alella: 12.75%. 2 councilor. 
      • Junts per Sant Feliu: 6.60%. 1 councilor.  
      • Junts per Tiana: 18.44%. 2 councilors. 
      • L’Ametlla en comú: 25.58%. 4 councilors.
      • Movem Gavà: 4.46%. 0 councilors.
      • Pirates de Mollet: 1.18%. 0 councilors. 
      • Recuperem Barberá: 9.50%. 2 councilors. 
      • Sant Adrià en comú: 12.95%. 3 councilors. 
      • Sí se puede Sant Joan Despí: 11.46%. 2 councilors. 
      • SomVNG (Vilanova i la Geltrú): 7.31%. 2 councilors. 
      • Vilafranca en comú: 12.02%. 2 councilors. 

Dario Castañé voting Photo BY @TaronjaAnoia

  • Piratas de Aragón
    • Zaragoza
      • Zaragoza en Común: 24.57%. 9 councilors. 
  • Piratas de Madrid
    •  “Ganar Brunete”
      • Brunete Madrid: 23.16%. 4 councilors. 
Official results for Pirate councilors

Official results for Pirate councilors

With general elections due by the end of the year, members of the Conferación Pirata are still in contact with other parties looking to create a big popular front based on direct democracy, human rights and transparency.
A big change began four years ago and now the people are confirming it at the polls. The political power of the People’s Party and the Socialist Party has dropped considerably but the Pirates believe they have to keep working for citizens to be able to decide about their present and future.
All images: CC BY-SA  Confederación Pirata
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