Sunstone, Pirate Shops and Fundraising (PPI)

Sunstone, Pirate Shops and Fundraising (PPI)

Pirate Parties International have their board meetings every two weeks. We summarize and  bring you the highlights of the meetings.


The Sunstone project, which is to set up as a Pirate Think Tank, has appointed Jelena Jovanovic to lead the fund-raising campaign and run the social media.

The project can be found on and social media (Facebook and Twitter).

Pirate Shop Collaboration

PPI is exploring an extended collaboration between all the pirate shops. Working together would enable them to offer a wider range of Pirate goods and campaign materials. This would also make it available to all Pirate Parties, members and fans around the world.


PPI started the process to join ECOSOC and will be looking to join more international organisations where they can promote Pirate Principles. If you have experience in (or knowledge of) this area and wish to contribute please contact Richard Hill r.hill{at}pp-international{dot}net

Information about Pirate Parties

A member of PPFR asked about collating Pirate Party data so that Pirates could keep up to date (as far as possible) with numbers, status and other information that would help Pirate Organizations and others, such as the press, know what the actual situation is. PPI have a semantic wiki and this means individual entries can be queried and running totals could be automatically displayed. They will be looking for Pirates from each party and organisation to occasionally update these wiki pages once they have been created.

Current crowdfunding activities by Pirate Parties

PPUK Fundraiser to celebrate their sixth birthday.

PPGR Fundraiser to be able to participate in the snap elections that have been called in Greece.

PPBR Fundraiser to organise the Internet Ungovernance Forum (meant to run in parallel to the Internet Governance Forum 2015). They need funding to cover the costs of the program and to cover the costs of internationally renowned Pirate Speakers Birgitta Jónsdóttir, Julia Reda, Amelia Andersdotter and Fabiane Bogdanovicz.

Featured image CC BY-SA by David Prasad and PPI