Swedish Pirate Party at 3.1 % in Polls for EU Elections

Swedish Pirate Party at 3.1 % in Polls for EU Elections

The polls have started coming in for the Swedish parties in the upcoming European elections of May 25th. The Pirate Party continues to increase steadily, now at 3.1 %.

The first poll, conducted in January, listed the Pirate Party at a mere 1.3 %, followed by additional polls at 1.5 % and 2.7 %. The latest poll, conducted by Skop and released on May 5th, has the party at 3.1 %.

pirate party increases in poll result for eu parliament election

3.1 % is a major drop from the 2009 elections, in which the party received 7.1 % of the votes and two seats in the European Parliament – an election fueled by an intense filesharing debate in Sweden and Europe after the ongoing trial of The Pirate Bay. The party will need at least 4 % to be re-elected, likely more depending on how the votes are placed.

When it comes to the other Swedish parties, the Social Democrats are strengthening their lead at 33 %, while their main rivals, the Moderates, have 20 %. The Center Party continues to be on the border of keeping their seat with 4.1 %, while the Christian Democrats seem to remain with 4.7 %. The Feminist Party, which has received a lot of attention as of late receives 1.6 % of the votes, while they poll at 3.2 % in recent polls for the national elections which will be held in September.

Featured image CC BY Stefan Roudén/SR Photo, showing Amelia Andersdotter and Christian Engström, current MEPs and top candidates in the 2014 elections.
Image of poll results: Public Domain